We wish to inform you that at the 81st kilometre mark from Kraśnik, in the vicinity of Dzielce-Szczebrzeszyn, crossing national road No. 74 is currently not possible. This restriction is due to ongoing road extension works, which are expected to continue until at least the end of 2024.

We recommend avoiding this section by selecting alternative cycling routes or utilizing public roads.

Additionally, please be advised that short sections of the trail with dirt surfaces near Lubycza Królewska – Siedliska may become difficult to navigate following rainfall.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Roztocze Main Cycling Route

Welcome to the tour along the route, which leads through the most interesting places of this region, both in the Polish and Ukrainian part of Roztocze

  • Impressive landscape with characteristic mosaic of crop fields and wooded hills, intersected with deep gorges and river valleys rich in knickpoints.
  • Two National Parks, eight landscape parks, dozen of nature reserves
  • Small waterfalls, seeps, outcrops or quarries contribute to the landscape
  • The borderland between West-ern and Eastern Slavdom in terms of culture, which is reflected in the historical sacred and secular architecture and in the intangible culture
Rajd rowerowy

256 km

Length of route